Clem Sports All-NBA Teams

Another NBA season is in the books and that means it’s time to acknowledge the top players at their respective positions; using Total Game Rating.

The usual suspects Kevin Durant and LeBron James are at it again, claiming the two forward spots on the 1st Team squad; no surprise given the kind of season these two had. There may be some surprise with the top Center spot going to DeMarcus Cousins, however, in a Center deprived league; Boogie proved to be the cream of the crop by beating out Al Jefferson by .60 points. Tim Duncan has got to be the most impressive selection this year. Even in his 17th season, Duncan played well enough to garner himself a 3rd Team nod over Joakim Noah. Kyle Lowry is my favorite selection this year because it’s highly unlikely that the should-have-been All Star will get any recognition from the NBA.

If you have any disagreement or compliments on our system for ranking the All NBA teams, please leave a comment in the comment section below. Otherwise, thanks for checking it out!

All-NBA 1st Team
F- LeBron James
F- Kevin Durant
C- DeMarcus Cousins
G- Chris Paul
G- Russell Westbrook

All-NBA 2nd Team
F- Kevin Love
F- LaMarcus Aldridge
C- Al Jefferson
G- John Wall
G- Stephen Curry

All-NBA 3rd Team
F- Blake Griffin
F- Carmelo Anthony
C- Tim Duncan
G- Kyrie Irving
G- Kyle Lowry